Means of Transport - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet-01

CLASS - V EVS – Means of Transport

A. Name the Following.  

1. Three means of transport.

2. Cheapest mode of transport.

3. Fastest means of transport.

4. The special broad roads.

5. Ship which carries oil/petroleum.

6. Ship having refrigerated system.  

7. The busiest sea route in the world.

8. The canal joining Mediterranean Sea and the Red sea.    

9. The canal joining Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

10. The road that connects India to China.

B. Answer the Following.  

1. What are oil tankers?

2. What is meant by Trans-Continental railways?

3. Name two heritage trains. 

4. Who introduced railways in India? 

5. Name the railway which connects Paris to Istanbul. 

CBSE Worksheet-01
CLASS - V EVS – Means of Transport


A. Name the Following. 

1. Air, land and water

2. Land

3. Air

4. Highways

5. Oil/Petroleum tanker

6. Reefer

7. Far East from Europe

8. Suez Canal

9. Panama Canal

10. Silk Road

B. Answer the Following. 

1. A cargo ship designed to carry crude oil in bulk are called oil tankers.
2. It is contiguous network of railroad track that crosses a continental land mass with terminals at different oceans or borders are called trans-continental railways.
3. Kalka – Shimla railway and Darjeeling Himalayan railway.
4. British East India Company.
5. Orient Express.