Type of Light Bulb base & Socket:Part-2


(4) Single Pin Type Base (F):


  • The “F” type of lamp base is used to as a “pinned” base.
  • This Type of socket have Single Pin.
  • Type of Connection: “Pin” Type
  • Pin Configuration: (Fx):

(5) Cable connected Socket (K):

  • 2.jpgAction: “Cable” Type
  • Pin Configuration: K
  • K indicates that a cable is the power connection for a lamp.
  • The product is a wired connection to power.
  • Example: K4 , K6
  • Application:
  • with standardized connecting cable for electrically operated valves, mechanical position switches and valves with central connection

(6) Pr-focused Sockets (P):


  • Action: “Push” Type
  • Pin Configuration: P
  • Types:
  • LED light bulb pre-focus base types: S.C. Prefocus and D.C. Prefocus 
  • Application: Automobile

(7) Recessed Contact Base (R)


  • Action: “Spring Loaded”
  • Pin Configuration: (Rx):
  • Here “R” indicate recessed Type Socket.
  • Recessed Double Contact Base used for Fluorescent type lighting bulbs having high output.
  • Applications
  • For Fluorescent type lighting bulbs

(8) Flange base Sockets (F or T):

  • Action: “Push” Type
  • Pin Configuration: F or T5
  • Type of Flange Base Socket: Micro-midget flanged base, Midget flanged, Miniature midget flanged, Sub-midget flanged, and Special-midget flanged base types.
  • Application: LED light bulb, Electrical Panel, Indication Lamp, Automotive, Electronic device lighting applications. 

(9) Slide base Sockets (S):


  • Action: “Push” Type
  • Pin Configuration: S
  • Type:
  • There are various types like Slide#1 ,Slide#2
  • Slide base LED replacement bulb is perfect for industrial indicator lights.
  • It is also used as an LED pilot light bulb.
  • Applications
  • Indicator LED replacements
  • LED Pilot light bulb

(10) Wedge base Sockets (W):


  • Action: “Push” Type
  • Type: Double Side (D.F) Contactor and Single Side (SF) Contactor
  • Pin Configuration: (WX2.5x16q):
  • W =Wedge Type, Second Letter indicate the width in millimeters and third lowercase d to indicate a double-contact (single-filament) bulb or q for a quad-contact (dual-filament) one.
  • A wedge base is a type of connector used as a fitting for small light bulbs in Automobile. It is same as bi-pin connector, except that the two “pins” are the same wires that extend into the bulb (rather than being rigid), and the wires are bent up onto the sides of the base, where they make contact with the socket.
  • The wires are usually inserted into a plastic base that the bulb is mounted in, and which is often narrower at the tip than at the bulb, giving it a wedge shape and usually ensuring a tight connection.
  • The bulb is inserted and removed with straight in or out force, without turning as with a bayonet mount or Edison screw. compression is the force that holds the bulb in
  • Application: In Automobile and in low-voltage lighting used in landscape lighting.